Dog jumps from 2nd floor to greet owner, breaks his neck

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YONGZHOU, CHINA — A husky from the Chinese city of Yongzhou was so excited to see his owner, he did his best Air Bud impression from the second floor of a house and landed right on the guy.
According to Oddity Central, the 67-year-old owner named Liu was out visiting some fam on Monday before heading back home.
According to Liu in a Sina News interview, they were just about to get to his front door when something fell from the sky and landed right on him.
At first, Liu thought the wall of his house had collapsed on top of him. Actually, it turned out to be their 60-pound pooch.
The impact was so intense, it knocked Liu out cold and also caused a cervical spine fracture.
Liu's family then called an ambulance, so that he could be transported to the hospital.
Liu will now have to undergo surgery to fix his spine.
Luckily the dog is okay. Unfortunately, the Lius being the great canine loving family they are, have now chained the dog up in the yard.
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