Dog hailed a hero for warning family about nearby blaze

A dog has been called a hero for warning a family about a fire nearby.


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STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA— An 8-month-old pit bull was outside the apartment when it realized their house was on fire on Sunday, June 3, CBS News reports.

Sasha, the pit bull, was outside its owners' fourplex apartment when it realized the other half of the fourplex was consumed with fire.

The pit bull started banging the door with its paws and barged inside the apartment when Chaichanhda, the pit bull's owner, answered the door.

Chaichanhda said Sasha ran straight into their home and into the bedroom.

She thought the dog was just behaving strangely, The Sacramento Bee reports.

She then turned around and saw other half of the building on fire and rushed inside.

Chaichanhda saw Sasha in their bedroom reportedly dragging her 7-month-old baby "off the bed by her diaper."

The family got out of the fourplex unharmed, and is now staying with relatives for the time being.
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