Doctors remove 27 contact lenses from British woman's eye

A team of surgeons in the UK retrieved more than two dozen contact lenses from the eye of a 67-year-old patient after she came in for a cataract surgery.


NSFW    SOLIHULL, UNITED KINGDOM — A UK woman who went in for what was supposed to be a simple surgery, instead had a stack of contacts retrieved from her eye, in a bizarre medical case that'll have contact lens wearers the world over reaching for their glasses.

According to Optometry Today, a team of surgeons at Soluhill Hospital were set to perform a routine cataract surgery on the 67-year-old patient last November. Right after administering local anesthesia, they noticed a bluish mass in her eye, which turned out to be a clump of 17 contact lenses.

After examining the eye a second time, doctors found 10 more, bringing the grand total to 27.

The shocked patient claimed she'd been wearing disposable monthly contacts for 35 years, but never noticed the collection of old contacts in her eyes. She did feel some discomfort, but figured it was just dry eyes and old age.

Since she didn't get her eyes checked regularly, no one knows for sure how long she's had the mass of contacts collecting around her eyeball.

The woman's cataract surgery had to be postponed, but her eyes at least felt a lot more comfortable with nothing else stuck in them.
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