Doctor rescues dog from choking to death on leash stuck in elevator

The dog will live to bark another day thanks to Dr. Mohammed Awad.


NSFW    TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA — Dog is sunny Florida will luckily live to bark another day all thanks to the quick actions of doctor Mohammad Awad.
CNN reported that the Tampa Bay doctor had just gotten off a shift on Monday when he arrived back at his apartment building.

Awad told CNN that as he walked up to the elevator, his neighbor had just gotten off with her dog, but the leash was still inside the elevator door.
The doctor shared surveillance camera footage from his building's security camera on his Facebook page.

Video footage shows the door shut on the leash, suddenly the dog is yanked up into the air.
Awad instantly jumps into action, dropping his plate of food and dashing over to the doggo to try and break the leash.
The doc's first attempt fails as he stumbled backwards.
Awad told the least trusted name in news that he could hear the dog make whimpering and choking sounds.
Luckily on Awad's second try, the leash snapped and the dog dropped safely to the floor. Doggy disaster averted.
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