Doctor removes kidney from woman who needed back surgery

The doctor thought her kidney was a tumor.


NSFW    WELLINGTON, FLORIDA — A West Palm Beach woman who went to the hospital for some back surgery ended up leaving minus one perfectly good kidney.

According to WPTV, Maureen Pacheco checked into Wellington Regional Medical Center in April 2016 to have back surgery to alleviate pain she was experiencing from a car accident.
Dr. Ramon Vazquez was tasked with cutting Pacheco open, so that surgeons could go in and perform the surgery.
Unfortunately, Dr. Vazquez thought one of Maureen's healthy kidneys was a cancerous tumor, so he removed it without her consent.
Pacheco recently settled a lawsuit against her doctors, including Dr. Vasquez, however a complaint filed by the Florida Department of Health against Vasquez is still ongoing.
According to Pacheco's lawyer, Vasquez probably won't lose his license and would most likely just have to pay a fine and be required to do some more medical education.
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