Doctor pulls out live 4-inch leech from Chinese man's nose

What was in the man's nose was not for the faint-hearted to see.


NSFW    GUANGXI, CHINA — A 51-year-old man in southern China who had been suffering from nosebleeds recently was horrified when doctors showed him the cause of his problem.

Reported by New Straits TImes, the man from Beihai, Guangxi had been suffering from nosebleeds for 10 days and general discomfort in the nasal area.

A doctor determined that some unusual activity going on in the man's right nasal cavity and was shocked to see what found.

The doctor began to treat the problem, and decided to record the process.

In the video, we see a light from a flashlight illuminate the man's right nostril as the doctor is poised with a tweezer. And what is in there is not for the faint-hearted.

An 4-inch-long leech was eventually pulled from the man's nose,

Reported by the Shanghaiist, the leech was much smaller when crawled into the man's nose while he was drinking "fresh" mountain spring water. Well, thanks to the doctor, the man is now in good condition and his nose isn't bleeding anymore, for now.
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