DNA tagging spray helps UK cops identify, link suspects to crime

British police officers have started using DNA tagging sprays on fleeing suspects to help identify and track them down.


NSFW    LONDON — Police in the UK are deploying a chemical liquid that clings to clothes and skin in order to crack down on moped-riding bandits.

According to SelectaDNA, officers can spray fleeing offenders with a tagging spray, which marks them and their vehicles with an invisible dye.

The spray contains DNA code, with each can bearing a unique chemical signature.

The odorless liquid can only be seen under UV light. It cannot be scrubbed off, and can remain on a person's clothes and skin for months.

The spray not only helps identify suspects, but also serves to effectively link them to their specific crime.

According to the Pontefract and Castleford Express, one 18-year-old has already been charged and sentenced with the help of the tagging spray. At least two other teens have been arrested for moped-related crimes.
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