Distracted dad kills daughter, 12, in tragic powerboat accident

What began as a family day on the water, ended with a tragic and fatal accident.


NSFW    NEWFOUND LAKE, NEW HAMPSHIRE — A Colorado family is in mourning this week after their 12-year-old girl was killed while water-skiing.

On Monday morning, Zoe Anderson was ski-ing while her father Sherwood was driving a powerboat in Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, reported the local newspaper The Union Leader, citing police.

Zoe had fallen into the water. Putting the boat in neutral, Sherwood circled round to give her another go but became distracted when wind blew his hat off. It’s here the boat struck Zoe.

Even though the boat was moving at a slow pace when it hit Zoe, she suffered major wounds to her torso.

Her parents and sister were able to get her onto the boat and to a nearby dock but despite efforts to revive her she died at the scene.

The family were visiting the area from their home Highland Ranch, Colorado, reported USA Today.
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