Disabled goldfish gets its own wheelchair to help it float

A goldfish with a diseased swim bladder can swim upright again with the help of a makeshift wheelchair.


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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — An aquarium worker from San Antonio is currently the darling of the internet, after he helped a wee disabled fish get back on its fins.

Netizens got wind of the adorable contraption from YouTuber Taylor Dean, who makes educational animal videos and is pals with the aquarium worker, named Derek.

Dean told Buzzfeed News that Derek texted her about his crafty project after a customer brought in their pet goldfish, which was having buoyancy problems due to swim bladder disease.

The swim bladder is the organ that helps fish remain stable in water, so any deformity or infection can compromise that stability.

This particular fish’s problem was incurable. Not only could it not hold itself upright, it remained stuck on the bottom of the tank.

To help the poor goldfish, Derek MacGyvered a solution out of airline tubing and styrofoam, in effect creating a wheelchair to prop the little guy up.

He even made sure to adjust the right buoyancy so the goldfish could swim around and not feel it was dragging a chair.

What a sweet, clever man. You do you, Derek.
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