Detroit fake cops actually real cops stealing money


NSFW    Bad Cop

After several reported incidents of fake police officers robbing citizens, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said: “We should be diligent in making sure when we’re stopped, it’s by police officers.”
That’s all well and good, but what about when it really is police officers robbing you? That was the case in at least one instance, when on July 21 two off-duty cops robbed a couple of people at a gas station in broad daylight. Both cops were 20-year veterans, with one from Detroit PD’s 12 Precinct and another from St. Clair Shores.
The bad cops showed up at Citgo on French Road in a Ford F-150 and jumped out with guns drawn and badges around their necks. One victim had his money stolen, while another lost money and a phone, while all he got in return was a pistol-whip to the face!
If the cops had shown up dressed like regular thugs then they might have gotten away with it. Detroit’s police resources are stretched so thin that their response time to 911 calls now averages over 50 minutes, more than half an hour slower than the national average.
When a witness sent a picture of the “fake cops” to investigators, they instantly recognized one perp as belonging to Detroit’s 12th police precinct. The suspect was arrested by a SWAT team when he showed up for work.
Police Chief Craig insists that 99.9 percent of Detroit’s police are good apples, and there’s no evidence connecting these two to the not-infrequent robberies by “fake police” that are a fixture of city life. But, with Detroit having just declared bankruptcy and no prospect of higher budgets on the horizon, how long will it be before more of the city’s police start sidelines of their own?
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