Detroit-area teen asking for directions shot at for being black

An intelligent, retired firefighter is now facing the heat after the idiot tried shooting a black teen for asking for directions.


NSFW    ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN — A retired, white Detroit firefighters has been charged with assault with intent to murder after he tried to shoot a black teen who knocked on the man's suburban home to ask for directions.

Brennan Walker, 14, of Rochester Hills woke up late for school last Thursday and missed the bus, so he decided to walk, which takes about and hour and a half, the New York Times reported.

Brennan didn't have his phone, so was without GPS. He ended up getting lost, so he did what any normal kid would do, he asked for directions.

The Rochester Hills freshman tried a few houses until he got the Zieglers. He reportedly chose the house because he saw that it had a neighborhood-watch sticker. He knocked and a woman answered the door.

The teen tried to explain he was a student and needed directions, but the white lady freaked and thought he was trying to rob the house — because robbers usually knock first.

That's when her husband, 53-year-old Jeffrey Ziegler, got even more scared and petrified, so he went upstairs to get his shotgun.

According to law enforcement, Ziegler was "not terribly weapons-competent" and was slow to discharge the weapon, which allowed Brennan to get away safely.

Brennan's mom had even given her son tips on not looking to black around the whites, like not wearing hoodies or walking with your hands in your pockets.

Security footage backed up Brennan's side of the story. Ziegler was arraigned last Friday. His bond was set at $50,000.
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