Deputy confronts streaker who peed on cop's car, fled from crash

Hilarious dashcam footage from Ocala, Florida shows the moment a deputy confronts a nude man on the side of a busy road.


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MARION COUNTY, FLORIDA — Police dashcam video released this week shows the moment a deputy catches up with a naked man who allegedly fled a crash, urinated on a police officer’s personal vehicle, and damaged a cop car.

Andrew Humphries, 18, fled the scene of a crash on Wednesday evening, police said in a Facebook post on the verified Marion County Sheriff’s Office page.

Police said Humphries urinated on an officer’s personal vehicle parked at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office South Multi-District Office. He previously tried to enter the car and broke its door handle, police said.

Responding officer Deputy K Peterson later tracked Humphries down. During the encounter, Humphries also tried to open the door of Peterson’s patrol car.
The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam footage of the confrontation.

After being detained, Humphries can be heard violently struggling in the back of Peterson’s patrol vehicle. Police claim he did $1,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

Humphries was charged with a felony criminal mischief property damage of $1,000 or more and a misdemeanour count of criminal mischief.
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