Deodorant Challenge leaves UK teen with second-degree burns

A teenage girl from Bristol has been left with severe burns on her arm after taking part in a new internet challenge.


NSFW    BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM — After eating tide pods and snorting condoms up their noses, teens have found a new way to hurt themselves with the ridiculous new 'deodorant challenge.'

Somerset Live reports that 15-year-old Ellie from Bristol hadn't heard of it until her friends got her to take the challenge, which involved spraying deodorant on bare skin for as long as possible.

The aerosol caused severe burns on the girl's arm, which then blistered up a day later.

Three weeks on, the wound is far from healed. According to Ellie, it's painful and still leaking yellow fluid. Her mom, Jamie, believes she might even require a skin graft.

Some kids have asked about Ellie's arm, only to then reveal similar scars that they got from doing the challenge.

Jamie has since posted photos of her daughter's horrific burns on Facebook, in an effort to prevent others from suffering the same painful fate.
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