Denver police shoot man holding a hostage; no one dies


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Denver police shot a man who used a woman he had taken hostage as a human shield during a morning standoff at the 7-11 on West Perry and Colfax on Monday.

According to local reports, witnesses said they saw the man fleeing police before entering the convenience store that morning. He had dropped a coat and when an officer stopped him, he took off running, then walked into the 7-11 like an ordinary customer.

Officers followed the suspect into the store, then backed out, as the man started taking hostages, according to ABC7. It is not known if the suspect had a weapon.

The suspect kept police in a standoff for about an hour. They pleaded with the man to let the hostages go, but he eventually grabbed a woman and pushed her out the entrance, using her as a shield. A video circulating on LiveLeak shows the suspect holding the woman as he opened the door, only to return again briefly. Wearing a blue top with the hood up, he finally exited the store with the woman held close. They can been seen talking; the woman was compliant.

A police sharpshooter, once given the opportunity, shot the suspect once. He immediately snapped over and fell to the ground while the the woman fled.

Reports said the suspect, who has yet to identified, was shot in either the shoulder or trunk, but was not fatally wounded. He was taken to a nearby hospital and was listed in critical condition. The woman escaped unharmed.
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