Dentist rode hoverboard while pulling patient's tooth

The dentist is now on trial in Alaska.


NSFW    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — A dentist all the way up in Alaska is currently on trial after allegedly yanking out a tooth from a sedated patient—all while riding a hoverboard.
NBC News reports that according to court records, prosecutors say 34-year-old Seth Lookhart engaged in an "unlawful dental act" that "does not conform to minimum professional standards of dentistry."
According to NBC News, the fantastic dentist supposedly performed the tooth extraction on Veronica Wilhelm in July 2016 while he was riding a hoverboard in his office.
And how does the world even know about this? Because like a true dumb dumb, Lookhart filmed himself doing it and then had the good sense to send the video to at least eight friends.
Investigators say that according to phone records, Lookhart boasted in his text messages that his actions were a "new standard of care."
In the video, hovermaster is then seen raising his arms in victory like a true douchebag as he rolls down the hallway.
What's worse is that the woman whose tooth that was pulled didn't even know what had happened until investigators contacted her.
Wilhelm said in court that she had to be sedated for the yanking because she is allergic to medicines used for local anesthetics.
Unfortunately for Lookhart, he's also facing charges for allegedly engaging in a scam to defraud Medicaid of at least $1.8 million in fraudulent billing and stealing $250,000 from business partners.
His own lawyer even apologized to Wilhelm in court, but denied his client was guilty of the other charges he's facing.
Clearly the only practical solution would be to let Wilhelm do all of Lookhart's dental work going forward—on hoverboard, naturally.
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