Denmark to build 'Silicon Valley' on artificial islands off its coast

The Danish government along with a private company plan to build nine artificial islands off Copenhagen for industrial as well as recreational purposes.


NSFW    COPENHAGEN , DENMARK — The Danish government and greater Copenhagen mayors have revealed plans to build artificial islands using surplus soil from construction projects, according to a report by New Atlas.

The Urban Power architecture and planning firm has designed the project, called "Holmene," which calls for the creation a total of nine artificial islands 10 km off the coast of Copenhagen by 2040."

The islands will be built one by one, with the government hoping to start construction on the first island by 2022.

The government plans to finance the project by selling plots on the islands to different businesses.

Soil from construction projects as well as imported Swedish surplus soil will be used to create the islands, according to Holmene's website.

One of the islands would house a waste water conversion plant as well as windmills to store energy, Deutsche Welle reports.

While some of the other islands would be used for recreational purposes, according to the project's website.

The project would ease the problem of land shortage in Denmark by creating 3 million square meters of new land for Denmark, Deutsche Welle reports.

This would result in 17 kilometers of new coastline, 700,000 square meters of nature and space for upto 380 new businesses.

The artificial islands are projected to bring in more than $8 billion in economic activity and create Denmark's own "Silicon Valley."

SOURCES: Deutsche Welle, Holmene, Urban Power,
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