Demi Moore hospitalized: substance abuse, anorexia to blame?


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Demi Moore has been hospitalized after reportedly having a seizure. Her rep says it's exhaustion. But gossip say the cause may be anorexia or substance abuse.

Radar Online says anorexia is to blame. Since her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has appeared gaunt and haggard, leading to speculation that she is suffering from an eating disorder.
TMZ reported that Demi Moore Moore was "hospitalized after doing whip-its."

Either way, the stress from her divorce from Ashton Kutcher is likely a contributing factor. Fans point to the fact that Demi has kept her @mrskutcher Twitter handle for the time being as a sign that she still hasn't gotten over Ashton.

While Demi is suffering, Ashton is in Rio partying and chasing girls. Their relationship has always been controversial because of the age difference. What Demi needs to do now is to put him behind her for good.
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