Delta flight forced to turn around because of bird in cockpit

A Delta flight on the way down to Atlanta was forced to turn around after a sparrow was found in the cockpit.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

DETROIT — A Hot-lanta bound Delta flight was forced to hang a u-ey after the crew found a bird flying around the cockpit.
Before the flight, the pilot happened to see a sparrow fly into the cockpit, causing the flight to be delayed as crew and maintenance workers searched for the little feathered fellow.

After a delay and unsuccessful search attempt, the pilot decided to take off.
Wouldn't you know it, shortly after the aircraft took off, the sparrow reappeared again in the cockpit, so the pilot decided to turn the plane back around.
After getting back to Detroit Metro Airport, crews were finally able to grab the little guy and get him off the plane.

In the end, after a considerable delay, the flight eventually made its way down to Atlanta. No word on what flight the sparrow ended up taking.
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