Delivery man gets stabbed, still manages to drop off pizzas

Fortunately for Josh Lewis, 25, his attacker picked a hospital parking lot as the prime spot for a carjacking.


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A 25-year-old man is recovering in Louisville, Kentucky after getting stabbed during a pizza delivery run Sunday afternoon.

Josh Lewis, who works for Spinelli’s Pizzeria, was delivering pizzas to Norton Hospital in downtown Louisville around 3 p.m. when a man ran up behind him and stabbed him in the back.

The man then took off in Lewis’s black Jeep Cherokee, according to police.

“It's surreal. I can't believe it happened to him," regional manager Willow Rouben told local news station WLKY. “Believe it or not, he got his pizzas delivered and collapsed in the ER.”

Paramedics moved Lewis from Norton Hospital to University Hospital, where he had to undergo surgery for a collapsed lung.

“He was coherent. He’s just an amazing kid and we’re all praying for him,” Rouben said.

On Monday, Spinelli’s Pizzeria wrote on the company Facebook page that it would be holding a fundraiser for him this week.

“50% of sales for the entire day will go to Josh and his family,” the Facebook post said.

Police are still looking for Lewis’s car and the carjacker. They have described the attacker as a black male in his 40s, according to WLKY.
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