Delivery drones? Skies could be filled by 2017 as FAA releases new regulations on small UAVs

The Federal Aviation Authority has finally released its proposal for small drone. It could see unmanned commercial aircraft up in the sky by 2017.


NSFW    The Federal Aviation Authority released a new proposal for small commercial unmanned aerial vehicles on Sunday. The new proposal could lift some restrictions on the current usage of UAVs, however, it still does not include provisions for package deliveries or pipeline inspections.

Unmanned aircraft weighing up to 55 pounds will be able to fly in daylight hours only, and will have to fly within sight of their pilots. Pilots must be 17 years of age or older, and will have to pass a written aeronautical knowledge test every two years and be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.

According to the new proposal, remote-controlled aircraft must not fly higher than 500 feet, and may fly no faster than 100 miles per hour. They may also not fly within five miles of an airport and and are prohibited from flying over bystanders not involved in its flight.

The proposal is now undergoing a 60-day public review and comment period, however, the process could take up to at least an year to be completed, according to experts.
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