Deadly Ebola has come to the United States, CDC thinks 100 people are at risk

Health officials in Texas are nervously monitoring up to 100 people known to have been in contact with the the United States’ first Ebola patient.


NSFW    Up to 100 people are being monitored in Texas for potential exposure to Ebola, US health officials said according to Bloomberg.

The monitoring started after Liberian man Thomas Eric Duncan, infected with the virus, arrived in Dallas from Monrovia on September 20.

Duncan is the first person in the United States confirmed to have been infected with Ebola.

He was reportedly sent home from a Dallas emergency room last week, even though he told a nurse that he had been in West Africa.

He is now receiving treatment. People known to have been in contact with him are being tested and monitored for a period of three weeks. Among those believed to be at risk are paramedics who took Duncan to the hospital, a handful of school children and four family members.

In the event any of these people display symptoms, they will be quarantined, and people known to have come in contact with these new patients will be contacted.

Authorities say contacts who present no symptoms after 21 days will no longer be monitored.

The White House, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, said that President Barack Obama on Thursday called Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to discuss the government’s response to the threat, and ensure the city has whatever it is needed to contain the virus’ spread.
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