Dead dude found still breathing at own funeral

A man who had recently been pronounced dead was discovered to be not so deceased, after he was spotted breathing during his open casket funeral.


NSFW    TINGO MARIA, PERU — A family in Peru was both shocked and distressed to discover their dead family member still breathing at his own funeral.

Los Andes reports that 24-year-old Watson Franklin Mandujano Doroteo had undergone a root canal on October 21, where he was reportedly given diazepam, aka valium. He began developing fever and chills soon after, and was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

But at the wake, grieving relatives were shocked to notice the man exhibiting signs of life, and immediately called a doctor.

After the doctor confirmed he still had vital signs, the man was taken from the coffin and transferred to a hospital...only to be confirmed dead. Again.

The man is now legitimately dead, but his family believes he was very much alive at his funeral, and merely sedated due to the dental drugs.
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