Dad blows son's tuition on claw machine, tries to steal it back

A man who used his son's tuition money on claw machine games tries to then steal it back.


NSFW    NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN — A man in Taiwan succumbed to the lure of a claw machine and not only wasted his family's money, but got busted for attempting to steal it back. Talk about bad decisions.

According to Apple Daily, 44-year-old Mr. Cheng blew his son's NT$5,000 or $161 school tuition on a claw game in New Taipei City's Banqiao District.

Father of the year then decided to try and recoup his losses by trying to steal it back.

With help from his 22-year-old coworker Kuo, dear old Dad robbed a coin changer at a newer arcade, which hadn't yet installed surveillance cameras.

Kuo used a power grinder to break the locks on the machine, and managed to get over NT$10,000 in NT$10 coins.

Unfortunately for them, someone reported their shady activities to the cops, who arrived to find the damaged padlocks on the machine, and the not-so-smooth criminals still on the scene counting their loot.

The pair confessed to their crimes after being taken in for questioning, even admitting they were nervous about doing the heist in broad daylight.

Kuo had repeatedly assured Cheng that they would be done in 10 minutes, which they were. Only the cops were just as fast, and also made it there in 10 minutes.

The two were arrested for larceny, and have been transferred to the New Taipei City Prosecutor's Office.
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