Dad beats son for perving around female dorm

Dad beats pervert son after he's caught dressing as a woman and sneaking around the female dorms.


NSFW    NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN — A son got the umbrella beating of a lifetime from dear old dad after he was caught creeping around the ladies' dorm.

According to UDN, 24-year-old IT engineer Chen snuck into the female dorm at Taiwan's Tamkang University Friday night disguised as a woman.

Photos from the New Taipei City Police Department show Chen wearing a long skirt and coat, wig, glasses, and a surgical mask. He also had a scarf around his neck to hide his Adam's apple.

He wasn't a very convincing crossdresser, though, because students flagged his odd appearance and constant trips to the fourth floor bathroom.

A couple of ladies also caught him trying to snap shots of them in the shower, and cornered him in a stall. They also alerted an instructor, who in turn called the cops.

Officers picked the perv up and found he was carrying a pinhole camera with a memory card full of nasty voyeur shots. Naturally, they did what any self-respecting Asian cop would do, and called his folks.

His old man was so pissed at his pervy ways that he chased him inside the police station and beat the crap outta him with an umbrella.

Chen has been transferred to the Shilin District Prosecutor's Office, where he's facing charges of Offenses Against Privacy.
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