Czech woman livestreamed her own fatal car crash on Facebook

Disturbing footage has surfaced online showing the last few seconds before a 22-year-old Czech woman died in a tragic car accident.


NSFW    OBRNICE, CZECH REPUBLIC — A Czech woman livestreamed what appeared to be a fun road trip with a friend, not knowing she was actually capturing the final few moments of her life.

The video shows Nikol Barabasova in the passenger seat, and a female friend at the wheel. The pair is seen laughing and talking into the camera as their Volkswagen cruises down a highway in Obrnice, Czech Republic, at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, according to The Sun.

At one point, Barabasova looks ahead and suddenly lets out a small yelp. The yelp turns into an alarmed scream as the car hits a barrier and flips over.

The camera falls but continues recording, though all that can be seen is a seatbelt. It’s eerily silent for the next few seconds, until a man is heard calling out in a panicked voice.

Emergency services arrived 20 minutes later and turned off the livestream.

Barabasova was reportedly killed in the crash. Her pal survived, but is still in intensive care with a serious head injury.

What happened to the two ladies was no doubt a horrific accident, but focusing more on the road and less on everything else is always a good rule when driving.
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