Czech brewery uses crayfish with smart sensors to check water purity

Protivin Brewery in the Czech Republic is putting high-tech sensors on crayfish to help check water quality.


NSFW    PROTIVIN, CZECH REPUBLIC — A Czech beer brewery has enlisted some curious creatures to help maintain the purity of their water supply.

Reuters reports that Protivin Brewery in the Czech Republic's South Bohemian region equipped crayfish with high-tech biosensors that monitor their heartbeat and movement.

The crayfish were placed in tanks, which were pumped with water from the same natural spring source the brewery uses to make its beers.

Crayfish are able to detect pollutants or impurities in the water, and react to it with changes in their body or behavior.

A computer analyzes the data and flags down changes in water quality when three or more crayfish change their pulse activity — with results coming in within 3 minutes.

Scientists at South Bohemia University have patented the water system, and plan to upgrade the technology to include a special crayfish-heart monitoring camera.
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