Cyst popping: Disgusting pus-filled sebaceous cyst on scalp popped and drained

A woman decided to share a video of her popping a pus-filled cyst on top of her scalp with the entire world.


NSFW    Sebaceous cysts are mostly found on the face, neck, or torso. Cysts are not life-threatening, but they may become uncomfortable.

Sebaceous cysts form from the sebaceous gland, a gland that produces oil that coats your hair and skin. Cysts develop when the duct becomes damaged or blocked.

Damaged ducts usually occurs from a trauma to the area, which may include a scratch, a surgical wound or acne.

Cysts are typically filled with white flakes or keratin and are soft to the touch. Small cysts are usually not painful. But large cysts can be uncomfortable, embarassing and sometimes considerably painful.

Treatment of a sebaceous cyst includes draining it or surgically removing it. Without surgical removal, this kind of cysts will usually come back. To ensure complete removal, the best treatment is a very simple surgical procedure.
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