Cyber criminals are attacking the 2018 Winter Olympics

Security experts warn of even more cyber threats aimed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, after several incidents carried out by Russian and North Korean hackers.


NSFW    PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA — The Pyeongchang Olympics had been plagued by numerous cyber attacks well before the opening ceremony, and it seems the hackers are only just getting started.

As millions tune in to see the 2018 Winter Olympics, security experts warn that malicious scams and cyber crimes may be on the rise, according to the New York Times.

McAfee researchers told Wired that hackers believed to be from North Korea sent out phishing emails to Olympic-related organizations, with codes hidden in attached Word documents programmed to install spyware.

Members of Russian cyber espionage group Fancy Bear have also accessed private emails from Olympic agencies and leaked them online, supposedly as evidence of doping in Western countries.

According to experts, the worst case scenario would be if hackers tried to tamper with a venue's electronic system, or an event's results.

Currently protecting the Olympics is a team of cyber security analysts, who are monitoring any potential threats. Whether or not this will be enough to deter cyber criminals, however, is still uncertain.
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