Cuddly puppies causing drug-resistant illnesses

Maybe we should stop pumping our bodies full of antibiotics all the time.


NSFW    'MURICA — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says puppies are to blame for spreading a drug-resistant bacterial infection to more than 100 people across the country.
According to CNN, the CDC says puppies have caused more than that one-hundred people to become ill in at least 18 states from campylobacter bacteria.
It's a common bacteria that causes diarrhea, stomach pains and fever.

The main problem is that it is normally resistant to antibiotics.
According to the CDC, puppies from six pet store chains between January 2017 and February 2018 were responsible for the outbreak.
No deaths have been reported, but at least 26 people were hospitalized. Samples from all patients showed that the bacteria was resistant to all forms of antibiotics.
Without treatment, patients normally recover from a campylobacter bacterial infection in around five days.
According to the CDC, 95 percent of the patients say they had come into direct contact with a pet store puppy.

The CDC reminded the public to wash and sanitize hands before and after handling new animals.
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