Crushed beneath wheels of van, doctors revive man's heartbeat

Mr. Zhang was hit from behind and crushed beneath the wheels of the van behind him. Miraculously, doctors were able to resuscitate his breathing and bring back his heartbeat.


NSFW    Defying Death

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - In Taiwan, 47 year old Mr. Zhang was on his way home and turned right at an intersection. The van following behind him also turned right.

But the driver of the van, 19 year old Mr. Lu, accelerated out of the turn and ran Mr. Zhang down. Mr. Zhang was knocked off his scooter and crushed beneath the wheels of the van.

Emergency crew were able to pull Mr. Zhang out from underneath the van. On the way to the hospital, Mr. Zhang’s heart stopped beating but once at the hospital, doctors were able to pull Mr. Zhang back from the brink of death.

Mr. Zhang is still in critical care with severe injuries. He has not yet regained consciousness.

Mr. Lu was interviewed by police and may be facing criminal charges.
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