Crows with thirst for revenge attack Indian man every day

Man in India keeps getting attacked by a murder of crows with 3-year grudge.


NSFW    SHIVPURI, INDIA — A man in India has had his life turned into a Hitchcockian horror movie for the past three years by a group of vengeful crows.

According to India Today, laborer Shiva Kewat's daily nightmare began when he tried to rescue a crow chick that was caught in iron netting, only to have the poor thing in his hands.

Since then, all the crows in the neighborhood have been dead set on revenge, marking Kewat as public enemy number one with their beaks every time he leaves his house.

He didn't think the attacks were a coordinated plan at first, but soon realized the birds weren't going after anyone else in the village.

After learning the hard way that crows are super smart, hold long grudges, and have mad facial recognition skillz, the poor man now carries around a stick when he goes out to defend himself from any aerial ambush.

Kewat hopes the birds can forgive and forget, but I mean, they are called a murder of crows, so maybe not.
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