Cross-eyed man beaten in karaoke bar for giving man 'funny look'

One drunken idiot took issue with being looked at by another karaoke bar patron, too bad the guy staring was just born cross-eyed


NSFW    A man was given a severe beating at karaoke bar in southern China’s Sichuan province for quite literally giving another guy a ‘funny look’.

It all began when a drunk customer took offence to the way he was being stared at by another man and attacked him.

When the karaoke bar’s owner attempted intervene he was shoved out of the way.

The beating lasted more than 5 minutes until police arrived at the scene. When authorities questioned all the parties involved, the attacker informed them that the victim had been staring at him cross-eyed, as though to mock him.

Turns out, the victim wasn’t mocking him at all and was simply born cross-eyed.
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