Crocodile snatches woman bathing in river, family watches in horror

The crocodile suddenly grabbed the woman and pulled her under water. Authorities haven’t been able to find any trace of her.


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CHAKARNAGAR, INDIA — A woman visiting a tri-state wildlife preserve in India made the fatal mistake of taking a bath by a river filled with bloodthirsty crocodiles.

On June 6 at India’s National Chambal Sanctuary, the woman, referred to as Neeraj, was with several family members observing Ekadashi, an auspicious Hindu day, according to the Times of India. Having fasted as part of the religious rituals practiced, she also decided to cleanse her body in a bathing ceremony.

All of a sudden, the unsuspecting woman was attacked from behind and pulled underneath the surface of the water as her family looked on in horror. Within seconds, she had disappeared from sight. Local officials have yet to recover her body.

Local environmentalists say it was crocodile nesting season, and they believe Neeraj may have gotten too close to a crocodile’s eggs or hatchlings.

National Chambal Sanctuary is home to roughly 500 crocodiles. Crocodile attacks are becoming more frequent in the region, and environmentalists speculate depleting water levels of the Chambal river may be forcing them to find sources of food outside their regular diet.
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