Crocodile rips man's face during deadly circus act in Vietnam

A Vietnamese circus performer is recovering after a terrifying stunt with a crocodile went horribly wrong.


NSFW    VIETNAM — A dangerous animal stunt nearly landed a man in an early grave, after the reptile he was performing with decided to suddenly bite back.

9News reports that a male circus performer was gravely injured during a circus show in Vietnam’s Ha Nam province. The circus troupe had been forced to use a younger, inexperienced crocodile after their old standby died earlier that day.

So when the performer stuck his head into the vicious predator’s open mouth, the crocodile promptly clamped down.

Video taken at the scene shows the man getting thrashed around briefly before managing to break free from the croc’s jaws. A shocked audience can be heard screaming as the man emerged with his cheeks torn and bloody. He was treated at a local hospital and is currently recovering.
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