Crocodile exacts revenge on dog that teased it for 10 years

A crocodile has eaten a small dog after the pooch teased it for 10 years.


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AUSTRALIA — A saltwater crocodile has exacted its revenge on dog that had allegedly been teasing it for 10 years, ABC News Australia reports.

Pippa, the dog, was reportedly known to frequently bite Casey, the crocodile.

The gag was so popular that even guests were known to gather around to watch Pippa and Casey, CBS 17 reports.

Pippa, also known as Dumb Blonde, would usually go straight to the crocodile's tail to bite it.

This time, however, Pippa made a "dumb" move and decided to target Casey's head.

Guests screamed as Casey snapped Pippa up and dragged it into the water.

Pippa's owner responded by saying Casey just "did what crocs do," reports ABC News Australia.

Many commenters on social media blamed Kai Hansen, Pippa's owner, for not stopping the dog from teasing the crocodile in the first place.
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