Croc attack thwarted as mom saves daughter from becoming breakfast

After a 10 minute struggle, the crocodile gave up and left its prey with minor injuries to her legs.


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One quick-thinking mother saved her daughter from a crocodile’s clutches last Friday morning in northwestern India.

Divali Vankar and her 19-year-old daughter were washing clothes on the banks of the Vishwamitri River, near the village of Thikariya Mubarak, at around 9:30 a.m.

A crocodile suddenly emerged from the water and grabbed Kanta by the right leg. The crocodile began dragging Kanta into the river as she screamed and struggled. Divali heard her daughter’s screams and rushed over to whack the crocodile with her washing bat.

After a 10 minute struggle, the crocodile released the teen and returned into the water. Kanta was fortunate to have such a quick-thinking mother and suffered only minor injuries to her legs.

A recent census by the area’s forest department revealed that Vishwamitri River is home to at least 260 crocodiles. Local authorities have advised people to avoid the river.
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