Critics calling for a virtual Trump border wall

A sheriff in Texas thinks Trump should build a virtual wall instead.


NSFW    WEBB COUNTY, TEXAS — A Texas sheriff believes a virtual wall at the U.S.-Mexico border would be more effective than a physical wall.

Building an actual wall would have to overcome environmental issues, and deal with the abundance of privately owned land along the border, Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar said, the Dallas News reported.

Cuellar says the wall would also have an adverse effect on Mexican shoppers traveling between both countries and could potentially hurt Texas' economy.

The sheriff has been looking for $92 million in funding over five years for a virtual wall that uses technology and agents on the ground as an alternative to a physical wall, according to the Dallas News.
His proposed virtual wall would extend around 300 miles from Starr County to Del Rio.

Cost estimates for Trump's border wall range from $21 billion to $40 billion.
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