Crazy woman bites and licks therapist's nipples during session

A Taiwanese woman turned things physical when she visited her physical therapist.


NSFW    A 40-year-old Taiwanese woman seems to have male and female nipples mixed up.

The woman, who goes by Chen, was visiting her physical therapist two years ago when she decided to make things physical, real physical.

It was lust at first sight for Chen, so during the session she started forcibly gropping the guy’s chest and even licking his nipples through his shirt. That feels good why?

Chen then asked the therapist out on a date, but surprisingly he shot her down. She continued stalking the guy until she was confronted by his pissed off wifey.

Chen went back to the clinic, trash talked about the therapist’s wife and threatened to shank her.

Chen’s stalker ways prompted the therapist to quit his job, to move and to sue Chen.

Chen claims that she actually had an affair with the therapist and that she was just jealous. Of course the therapist denies the claims.

Chen has been charged with extortion and has also been fined by the court.
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