Crazy underwear-clad doctor arrested in Tennessee following high-speed chase


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A Tennessee doctor was arrested by police after a high-speed car chase wearing nothing but a bathrobe and holding a loaded weapon and an American flag.

Dr. Robert Allen was arrested outside of his garage marching around while holding a bicycle horn in one hand and an American flag in the other. He was arrested for evading arrest after the man led police into a high-speed car chase in which Allen was in possession of a gun, a machete and marijuana.

According to the police report, Allen had been speeding around town in his truck when he sped away from a patrolman. The policeman pursued him and Allen finally stopped the car and stepped out of it, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and his underwear.

Murray ordered Allen to go to the rear of his truck, but Allen got back in and sped away again. A second officer saw Allen in his truck and followed him to his residence, where Allen drove through his yard and stopped in front of his garage.

After more police arrived at the scene, Allen finally emerged from the back door holding the American flag and the horn. Police found 29 grams of marijuana in the center console of the truck, a .38 caliber revolver and the machete behind the driver’s seat.
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