Crazy squirrel on the lam after chewing its way out of carrier

An aggressive mama squirrel has escaped custody by chewing a hole through a plastic carrier.


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SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA — The craziness of motherhood isn't just a human thing, apparently. It applies to squirrels, too. Well, this squirrel, anyway.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, new mama squirrel Emily has gotten a bad rep for terrorizing anyone who even breathes in the direction of her home tree.

She's bitten six people in Live Oak, California in the last two weeks, including one dude who tried to feed her with a potato chip.

It took a team of firefighters, an animal service officer, and a wildlife handler to remove the aggressive animal from the neighborhood and place her into a plastic carrier.

Nevertheless, mama persisted.

She began aggressively chewing holes through the box almost immediately. By the time they got to the animal rescue's driveway, Emily was squeezing herself through the hole she'd chomped through and sprinted to freedom.

She's still on the run. KPIX 5 reports that volunteers have been attempting to coax her out of hiding with baby squirrel sounds, but no dice.

Her babies, meanwhile, are being cared for at the rescue, where they're being nursed round the clock with squirrel formula.

Eventually, the young-uns will be released into the wild. Wildlife-rescue volunteer Frank Schmit says Emily too might soon revert back to her wild ways and avoid human contact.
So who knows, maybe mama and her babies will be reunited in the wild.
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