Crazy Rhubarb Lady: Iowa woman's rant goes viral (FULL VIDEO)


NSFW    Crazy Rhubarb Lady: Iowa woman’s rant goes viral.

Warning: this video contains crude and colorful language and awesome phrases such as “You Pinnochio-fucking-nose, go mind your own business” and “This is goddam alley property, bitch.”

What’s not to (pick one: love / loathe) about Crazy Rhubarb Lady? Confronted about taking rhubarbs from a garden, Crazy Rhubarb Lady launches into a full-blown tirade of f-bombs and zingers that lasts at least four minutes.

TomoNews is by no means an expert on property law. But to be fair to Crazy Rhubarb Lady, the rhubarb DOES appear to be growing on the other side of the fence, making it fair game for any Crazy Rhubarb Lady who happens to stroll by with a shopping cart.

The video was too hot for the prudes at YouTube. A link posted to Reddit is no longer working so LiveLeak is getting all the viral traffic. And stayed tuned for the animated mashup to follow by the Taiwanese Animators at TomoNews.

What’s your favorite line / insult from the video?

A) “My lawn mower was stolen, bitch. By a fucking pig.”
B) “Don't call me sweetheart, honeybun. You fucking lezzie.”
C) "You don't know how to cook anyway."

Not much is known about Crazy Rhubarb Lady. According to the internets, she lives somewhere in Iowa ... near Iranians? But something tells us this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her.

In the meantime, here’s hoping that Crazy Rhubarb Lady and her neighbor can settle their differences.
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