Crayfish makes daring escape by cutting off its own claw

A crayfish is seen in a video gone viral sacrificing its own claw in a bit for freedom from a boiling hot pot. He's then reportedly taken home as a pet.


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CHINA — In a video gone viral on Chinese social media, a crayfish is seen sacrificing its claw in order to escape death by boiling hot pot.

The video was posted on Weibo, aka Chinese Twitter on May 28, Taiwan News reports.

Jiuke (九可), the person who posted the video, said that they had ordered a big serving of live crayfish, which was supposed to be boiled in a giant bowl of spicy hotpot.

He commented that one of the crayfish caught his attention when it slowly crawled out of the boiling hot cauldron, determined to survive.

In the video, it appears the crayfish uses its right claw to detach its left claw in order to successfully make its escape.

Comments on social media were overwhelmingly sympathetic to the poor crustacean.

Jiuke assured social media users that he took the crayfish back home and is now raising him in an aquarium.
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