Coyote hit by SUV gets stuck in vehicle's bumper

Vern the coyote is recovering after being hit by an SUV and getting lodged in the vehicles front grill.


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A Chicago area train conductor pulled into the employee parking lot at a north suburban train station with what ended up being a coyote stuck in the grill of his SUV.

The coyote, later named Vern, got lodged in the grill of Mark Armour’s SUV on Sept. 24 as the train conductor was driving to work, but didn’t realize it until coworkers saw him in the parking lot.

Amber Manley, an animal control officer for the Waukegan Police Department, said she was notified by dispatch at 6:30 a.m. about the incident.

When Manley arrived on the scene, the owner of the SUV, Mark Armour, said he thought he hit something at Green Bay and Yorkhouse. He said he could feel it, but he didn’t see anything.

Using safety equipment, Manley helped the coyote get loose. The animal appeared to be in shock. She placed Vern in an animal control crate and then into her van.

Manley then took the coyote to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation for medical treatment. Vern was found to have suffered three leg fractures.

Vern is now resting comfortably and the wildlife center hopes to release him into the wild after the winter.
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