Covidiot Cuts Hole in Mask to Breathe Easier

A Kentucky woman was filmed out shopping with a hole cut in her face mask because it made it ' easier to breathe.'


NSFW    LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY — A Kentucky woman was filmed out shopping with a hole cut in her face mask because it made it ' easier to breathe.'

The footage posted on TikTok showed a gas station worker in Lexington totally bemused by the woman as she casually waltzes about the store with a gash down the center of her mask, rendering it useless.

As the woman approaches the counter, the clerk mockingly questions her, 'where did you get that mask from?'

She replies, 'well, since we have to wear them and it makes it hard to breathe, this makes it a lot easier to breathe.'

The clerk then says, 'cutting it? Yeah, I'll do that too, thanks for the advice.'

The footage, which has received more than 900,000 likes since Friday, comes after Kentucky Governor. Andy Beshear announced that shoppers will be requested to wear masks while in public starting May 11th.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, he said, 'While it's gonna seem strange and is probably uncomfortable, I want us to know that this is just another small sacrifice that we can make to make sure that we keep each other safe.'

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