Couple shows off good brains posing too close to train tracks

Unfortunately, the two geniuses survived.


NSFW    You Idiot!

MEIZHOU, CHINA — Humans are a rather ingenious species with a special knack for doing the extraordinary—this however is not one of those times.

According to a clip posted on Miaopai, a boneheaded selfie couple from Guangdong province had the fantastic idea of trying to film themselves posing next to some train tracks, in order to catch a train speeding by directly behind them.
Apparently, Thing 1 and Thing 2 positioned themselves a bit too close for comfort next to the tracks.
As the locomotive zips past the couple of the century, it clips both of them, introducing their faces to the ground in front of them.

The two survived their meet and greet with the train. The female was taken to a hospital where she was treated for some broken bones. The boyfriend was not seriously hurt.
As for the train, it looks like it will continue choo choo-ing along.
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