Couple goes on insane spending spree after $120,000 banking error

And now they're facing felony theft charges.


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MONTOURSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — A couple is now staring down felony theft charges after the bank accidentally dropped $120,000 in their account, which then led them to go on an insane spending spree.
According to CNN, the banking error occurred on May 31 when a customer in Georgia made a $120,000 deposit, and the BB&T Bank teller punched in the wrong account number.

After the Williams discovered the extra money in their account, they did what any responsible person would do. They blew all of it.
CNN reports the affidavit said Tiffany Wiilliams told police the money was spent on an SUV, a camper, two four wheelers, a trailer and a race car.
According to Local 10, they also used the money to pay bills and gave $15,000 to some friends in need of some money.
When the bank realized their mistake they contacted the couple by phone. Tiffany told the bank on June 21 that they'd gone through all the cash, but would come up with a repayment plan.
That clearly didn't happen, because now the two are facing down a whole bunch of charges.
Robert Williams told WNEP, "All I'm going to say is we took some bad legal advice from some people, and it probably wasn't the best thing in the end."
And that is a lesson in why you don't ask your friends for legal advice.
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