Couple flying to their wedding kicked off United Airlines flight

United Airlines booted off a Utah couple in Houston, after claiming the pair repeatedly tried to sit in upgraded seating, and refused to follow orders to move to their assigned seats.


NSFW    HOUSTON — There’s more turbulence coming United’s way, what with the airline again making headlines this week for booting a couple off a flight.

KHOU reports that Utah couple Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell were set to fly to Costa Rica from Houston for their wedding. The pair were the last to board the plane, but soon discovered a man snoozing on their seats. Instead of waking him up, they decided to just park themselves on some empty seats nearby.

A flight attendant came by asking if they were in the right seats, since they were sitting in economy plus, which was more expensive. They asked for an upgrade but were denied and told to move back.

Despite complying with the order, they claim a marshal later came and took them off the plane anyway. They were then rebooked to Sunday morning — the day of their wedding, and did manage to make it to the altar.

However, United isn’t sorry about what happened, and released a statement with a different version of events.

According to the airline, the couple didn’t pay for the upgraded seats but repeatedly tried to sit there, and wouldn’t follow instructions to move back to their assigned row.
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