Countless tragedies as Israeli-Gaza conflict intensifies

Both sides launched rockets and other projectiles at each other over the weekend.


NSFW    JERUSALEM — Palestinian and Israeli forces clashed on Sunday over a sniper who wounded two Israeli soldiers, The New York Times reports.

Violence quickly escalated, with both sides launching rockets and missiles at each other. The Israeli army says Gaza launched 600 projectiles over a period of two days.

Israel used its Iron Dome anti-missile batteries to shoot down incoming projectiles from Gaza, according to the New York Times.

Israel's military also used jets, drones, tanks and attack helicopters to evade incoming attacks from Gaza.

According to CNN, four people in Israel were killed by rockets from Gaza. As many as 23 Gazans have been reported to be killed by Israeli strikes, Haaretz reports.

Health officials in Gaza as saying that two pregnant women, two infants and a 12-year-old boy had also been killed in the attack, CNN reports.

Officials in Gaza claim both of the infants died as a result of an Israeli air strike. Israel claims one of the infants died due to a misfired rocket.

A Palestinian official told Reuters an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement had been reached between both sides to end the violence on Monday, May 6.

This is one of the worst conflicts between the two sides since 2014, according to The New York Times.
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