Costco will not take back your hoarded TP or bottled water

So go out and buy more TP and bottled water.


NSFW    MURICA — Now that Americans have hoarded enough toilet paper and bottle water to last until the end of humanity, Costco has announced that it won't let you return these items.
According to Today, signs are starting to pop up at several Costco locations saying that they will not be accepting returns for high-demand things like toilet paper, bottled water and sanitizing wipes.
Today reports that several Instagram accounts that follow Costco news, but not affiliated with the company, have posted different signs at many locations listing items that can not be returned.
Some of the lists include products like, toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and Lysol.
Today says it's unclear if this is a company-wide policy, or one that has been started by stores in individual locations.
Empty shelves have been seen across the country as panic buying has gone viral due to the spread of the Xi Jinping Virus-19.
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