Cosplayer armed with toy rifle sparks airport terror alert

A cosplayer armed with a fake rifle caused a bit of a stir at the Birmingham Airport in England yesterday.


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BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM — A cosplayer caused a full blown terror alert when he decided to stroll through the Birmingham Airport dressed in black and armed with a toy rifle.

It appears that the man was on his way to the Insomnia60 gaming festival being held close to the airport, the Birmingham Mail reported.

He was apparently dressed in black and carrying a fake rifle with a telescopic sight, ammo clips and a helmet.

That’s when four armed police officers and one unarmed officer stopped the cosplayer to ask him some questions. They also had some strong words of advice for the lad.

A spokeswoman for the Birmingham Airport confirmed that the authorities spoke to the gamer in the terminal before allowing him to go on his way.
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